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You ever passed through a series of mental analysis? Have you ever had a chance to brainstorm without an option? Or maybe le me bring it in a more realistic way. Lets assume you are one of those stoners i know around. Have you ever pictured yourself at a corner or maybe a room after a series of blunts. Thats though today aint my greatest worry. My worry this current is who exactly i come to dissapoint with all these that i put on the table. I know today will pass and i wont become the best of my kind but i also still know neither will i upgrade to become that best of me I got myself hustling about how to be me to the very top of my expectations but seemingly i'm too indisciplined for the measures in place. All i'm saying and wishing is that i dont stop the meditations for a better tomorrow.

I stop today and my survival becomes as useless as it almost was last year. I stop myself from figuring how to unmount the big prize ahead then i nolonger become the m ... Read more »

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when i look at me and you i see that we too good to be like thoughts are truer than ever before and i'm older like i've never been all my current situation seems to be frightening me.this is the latest reality of my nature and everybody has got a different view of it.i still do trip and underwork myself.i still do procrastinate and lazy in the affects my work progress and really slows me down

    These that i just mentioned are the main diseases after making a money plan.this plans are never just made and implemented.the easy ones get done together with the compulsory ones but the essential ones are never taken care of by most of us.many youths find it challenging to keep on pumping the advice goes...make sure u try making consistency in your life so that it becomes one of your greatest lifestyle of all kind.The dollars come in plenty when the much work needed is put in appropriately and thats why work and grind ... Read more »

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The scary stories about life have been told and they still do come and will always come back and fourth.Life has never been that easy to the human race i could say.both the rich and the poor find it a challenging task to cope with the life realities.

contrary to what people say and think i rj love how life looks at us with a scary wild face.most people however forget to realise that life and work go hand in hand.they told us we live to eat and not eat to live.we have to toil to put fruits on our tables.we have to live up to the expectations of our standards and wake up each and every day stronger than yesterday.make a 1% improvement in your daily lifestyle and you'll have to progress without an comes automatically like it was meant to work that the words of a wise man

  Daily citations

1. almost everybody talks about change but then how many do make the real positive change

2. as for me and my soul i wake up each ... Read more »

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