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       A little introduction

Normally it would sound abnormal that you talk your own thoughts for people to listen to and analyse your own brain.hows that for change when someone does it on a free will basis and never wanna feel dejected.brains at work i thought so and so far i doubt whether i'm growing unwise or maybe growing tired of all this.This other opinions and view points of mine are also here to be discussed and talked about otherwise whats the need for a website.i love doing things this way.those who know me would have said thats right

points for a man like me.i mean points for gentlemen

1. students sit in class waiting for a lecturer whom they aint sure will be coming back to teach now how lecturers are if you ever passed through one.intelligently they wait still and by the end of the semester all is done and what is not done too is not done.our children get back home with the 10% gain not knowing they needed the other 90%.hows that to feel when you come to this reality as a's how i'll manage the thought... just like first things come first in my earlier updates, grab a few plans eg like get a network connection on your android/laptop and fit in for one plan.strength and happiness you too need for persistance we cant really talk much about it because its the lifeblood of makin it.

it is like saying you will have the money next week by friday then you only sit and think about the money real hard yet no real effort made towards achieving it.i assure you a total let down in that project of yours if someone wont come in handy and help you out

2. Examples works best in this kind of situations dear friends and they never fail since they come from life realities.he came across some kind of a fabulous idea and as i did my latest research, he came to that idea through a friend.the main story line is that the idea was great and he knew it was a million dollar for example could blend in well with that kind of a description.apart from the idea he also had to grind it smart.he had to hustle for so much knowledge and spend in some amount of great time learning the project.success was never easy even on fabulous ideas.

the point is that the idea fail because the hustler fails

3. Be it one day or multiple days there are days when you feel awesome.when you feel good and energetic to crash a does that feel.when someone like me writes this things it means at that current moment i was  feeling the same.smiling takes courage and it builds happiness.i had to share the words of a joyful heart


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