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Fx analysis
2017-07-26, 11:08 AM

The foreign exchange market it is one of my best of all niches of all times that i know of at this point of life.having traded for some years now,i could say that getting rich is only a matter of a decision and it is fast enough if you choose to trade these currencies.traders beginning the journey need to keep it simple and disciplined to learn how the market rolls from monday to Friday. At the very beginning fx could be brain draining and one should be ready for a few one two setbacks though with the right trading methodology i guarantee success. As for Rj and forex its more of a business and for that  much confidence and credibility it has during the trading process i have come up with real time proof and analytic methods to make money from this market. 

trading in itself is time consuming,  it requires set up conditions with good  trading formulas with atleast 60% winning ratio.Just like i said, keeping it simple is a core factor here therefore i'll be taking you through a killer trading strategy but simple called price action. We will be using as our most reliable broker due to its flexible offers and spreads. 

     Objectives for week 1

1. Get a free signup bonus from the broker at 30$ incase you are down financially.

2. With your already tested trading formulas on P.A begin the week with crical market analysis as you target the best of 3 trades that week. This is what i usually do

3. Using a good money management strategy like lets say a stop loss of 15-20 pips,  enter trades without thinking twice. 

           Weekly updates on current trades. 

12th feb update:

The market begins with the Usd lookin weak in most pairs. this seems contrary to last weeks major moves where Usd had gained some strength sending EUR/USD on a bearish trend both in the 1hr and the 4hr chart

13th update: the usd has shown real weakness upto this day. We lookin to enter bullish reversals in AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/USD

As for USD/JPY and USD/CHF its a bearish trend so we enter at the rightful entry points with P.A formations

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