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I'm happy

                            I'm happy

Hehehe..on a tape measuring on a scale of 1 to 10 i see u screwed

 The weakest. I ever knew i ever met i'm talkin to

This show the realest i lay it down i put it down

I'm tryna say crazy good music and one man on it

Rj he the big dawg changin goin left and right

Hey babe come out lets go get one time good some

She never wana argue she be loyal n humble

Be chilin beside a focused hommie she gat no worries

Lately money doo its all about a cash.So i'm asking

why you sad and pessimistic down to hell lookin like a bunch of failures

I wonder when you'll grow up, when you'll fit in

I know you've been my only hope and i get that

But anyway the present too real you should know that

Little happiness they began slow and slower on a road trip

A vision and a promise young mate that kept it true

I look around its all about brown thighs tight miniskirts

Tight girls my age nice tits pop out

Big ass my taste i mean where did all these girls come from

That boss ma lady that bitch ma crash

All these girls allover these area so imma hustle imma go big


And that's why i'm happy this morning i'm happy this o'clock

I'm crazy this eve i gat a close to zero stress

I never need some till it gets to me. 1 2 3 4(i'm happy)2

Figures and big stats in my mind on my head

Money happiness doo dawg what the fuck you talkin about

Hommie liftin weights never poppin chest

Too bad he nat lucky he the sorrow, he the the weird one

Whats your pocket sayin are they feelin hungry

How about your bitches are they feelin hungry eager too? 

You know what they done to me , they are the sweatest i ever tasted

Haha i'm happy feelin fly on a rooftop

Tryna put in some shit on my own but its hard

Little support and fulcrum i need that kind of help

Times you think slow coz u a snail a lazy  mahfucker

I never entertain bullshit coz i'm a serious mahfucker

Days seem long attimes coz u've been real idle

Listen...perfect nat me loopholes allover this baby

But still you do lag behind while i'm puttin these much

While i'm still fuckin so hard she still be gettin the mixtape


I'm happy i'm laughin now coz i know tomorrow owes me none

My mansion in ma dreams coz i'm still 21

Drink keg and smoke kush i'm nat encouraging but i'm givin an advice

Lately i be on a mixture of shit and shit

Spray me dare not i gat the Aks and the solutions

Gettin chef lessons from a fellow hommie

Modelling breakfast like its the morning glory

Feelin fabulous at that moment its a drug free zone

50 walkin he pullin away he feelin defeated

I gat a babe to catch up and hook with, a vibe to begin

Content baby bring it on yeah Rj......

       By rj the rapper

Listen for more of my  releases at or on  youtube. follow the link  and you'll get the chance to know your artist better.

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