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These why i'm the mr nice. I play good i do shit smart

I know i gat my standards own records own label

Not the proud one but he gat the attitude and been the inspirator

I tell meditations inspirations young hustler on the music

The bold one the simba in the jungle these lines dont judge

This life dont judge. Yo.. Stay good both sides

I'm a lil one young age young j i stay away from trouble

All that dont mean that i surrender that u think i'm a wobler

I still break heads and legs when i have to

Keenly following listen to me when u gat the chance

I know u need this shit for i aint jokin u the begger of the ages

You need to learn from a hommie from the ages 

The best in the field all time favorite for this generation

The support from ma mummy was the best so i had to make a line

I had to make a stanza i had to make it public

Le me interject have you got some babe to brag on? 

Some real shit to show me some punchline to brag your chest off

You gat what to show bro. This how formless you are

How men a year fell apart and you fell with it

Haha.. Inspiration for the soul and heart quotilicious be givin it

Her babe be thick and she likes her tall i figured for a while

Smile broad on my face big chick she thru ma crib

Her body bouncin allover her booty bouncin with it

I like her tall and she thick i like her big and she tall

I had her on ma lap yeah inspiration for the day

A babe true and legit thats my wish and i dream it all day

Look at the big steps to the money its all about the strategy

Mind clear except on Og we tryna keep on toes

Best   ones for the future feel worked. Stay close

Be the man of your childhood i ho into the next day

All wrapped up in and out like the morning cupcakes

I never knew of all things i chose this and i became this good

When you faced with this and that you look at it like this

Picture it like this.. An ex of yours for example

She wants a one night shit just a night stand and she good

I prefer we make it memorable understand the nitty grittys of the pussy

Hello my friend whats your todays main obligation

I look thru you and i see no competition no actual performance

Shake me hard today you the hero today

Be my motivator today i'm the inspirator today

Exchange ideas into coins, into workable ratios

Implement a strategy for the future tomorrow

Fuck and ditch a bitch for she a hoe  and she know that

Deep down she would never die for you

I tell a hommie the real deal but he never got me

Days later he got all messed up and then rang the 50s

Once in a while he was a pussy to me he still a pussy

You broke history. My bros all do great, work along

They never go tired they just wana rest in pussy

Somebody peepin somebody lookin what are u upto

Seventies are the days when you done you dont see shit

So i'm fresh today and imma rock hard

From scratch lookin for the topi dream big

Huge loud eyes i see through a message

Babe when u comin home? I miss yoy

I cherish still a single moment we ever had

Your shit was deep your shit was tight i remember

That same shit wet juicy so i ate it with ma long dick

Hey babe i miss your inspiration you should come

Eatin each other all day and nicin coz i gat the spending

Thats the promise babe inspirator i'm waiting

I be patient i work my way with a different pace

        By rj the rapper

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