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Its weird right that i be changin like this

I be changin fonts shootin headlines. I'm J

G for whats bad for the beehive aint cool for the bee

Step on the threshhold way b4 trippers on spot. On board

So its me and ma lil bro feelin the pinch

Its how the story flows from bottom to top

I'm shuffling the cards and i'm winning the damn game

So its crazy how i'm not in the mood babe. I know

Parallel to loosing i hate loosers

Beefin and laughin ma hommies spending the saturday

So i'm straight into the pussy and its wet

Its juicy fleshy and warm in look

Thanks dawg he still loading and i'm quick

Babe she hot she be greedy and thats my taste

Thjs time round i be steadfast and passionate

We keep still and chill for mum might hear us

Dad he be a beast unleashed for our upkeep

Get on with the one time performance its you for you

Been a long time since i gave u a piece

A part of my love story story latest update. I love babe and her pussy

She the gate for the pleasures i repeat.. U think i'm lying

Gentlemen i'm frustrated with this basic measures

Sharing a pie of the latest updates from the server

Ideas punp into attention of lil bro young investor

So he gat dozens of plans and wishes

Last stage implementation been the worst part

And thats how the story goes flows and rolls

From the drawer a pen and a hard cover. On quotilicious diaries

He updates meditations a true self image mirror

Drawbacks pull me back. Its all you against your visions

I believe dotcom all of you'll feel this kind of shit

I love yolo coz OG placed ne there. Blunt here blunt there

If u hate then hehe too bad. I mean its owk

So i mingle coz i'm single thereafter we climb each other all this long

Booty big maybe small bang them both

Taste how i ask a quiz he says its good

Aha! So i'm curious then i pull a move on miss wanzia

(Crazy)*3 i love it that way that mode

My days are numbered that's because it already been set

I go into every door i knock hard i go hard

Quick stir up the meal we need ingredients on the table

Home is nice best place to clear up your mind. I gaze

Words never run out like it pours from the thin air

All these hasty moves you make around they are a bunch of shit

The'll maybe waste 2years of a hommie 

Or maybe just screw your face apart till u go hyena

make them short like uummh a fan size girl

Pumping that kind of chick proves  the best

Facts are for real so dont take them for granted

Rainy weather clouds hang low today gon end

For whoever you are time fucks all men

It gave me a bendover while i was in  the past

Check out your networth whats the p. Profit. Thats on a daily basis

Work out the sum whats the variation. Did u get some answers

Brains at work Rj dont stop go hard dig deeper

Men like you for the latest updates i gat no objection

Decide aim set go. Thats how keino made the wheels

His fellow countrynen been celebrating results of his efforts

Not bad but we should be self sponsored. For real

Next time round open a fresh page make sure u begin afresh

Bobobobo Bang!  Bang! I gat u i gat u hommie

Headed back home he the poor church mouse

Below average mt shit never will coz G been bearish

So whats the bext move? Ask your planet or maybe just die

         Written by Rj


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