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Chizzy had a locked brain. Never knew his strength till he found it

Treasures hidden deep. He never had the worst but never had the best still

Chizzy was my friend. I knew about his past

Visions of a happy happiness in the world

Made alot of notes to leave a better history

Intros were his best shots. Progressing was the weakness

Learnt alot of lessons. he rose from the streets

Married to the money he never left a chance

Donated all his love he never had the regrets

Meant a word he said he was a man of promise

Lately... Recently travelled to the clouds, wana be alone

He wana look below and smile about a story

Put apart a hate, bring about the real deal and give a bigger smile

Rough were the days he never had a charger

Battery always under charged later also got spoilt

 Bring me to the other side. This town is just corpse town

First few steps with strength and happiness made some good moves

Danced some vague solo dance to complement the morning prep

Marijuana chizzy brain was the best i knew

Fina grindin fina hustle was the shit i knew

Hurrah!  Hurrah! Young jobu was the name they knew

Adilicious adicool were the words he bragged

One babe two hoes for a single player

One night in a club all ladies beautiful for a couple of drunkards

Ideas never end we always gat an option

Sagging in the 20's raising up a gangster

Haitall we are just boys we had a thousand setbacks

I cut my nails to prevent the cholera outbreak

Cause i heard prevention is better than cure

Aint a doc but imma behave like one

Cause i had the syringe and the symptoms were obvious to me

Not feeling right my head screaming hot

Not takin pills i dont need them i stay sober

Tuesday was the day we never ever smoked

Nina was the girl she always made me horny

Boobs always tight the asses too were full in mass

Drug money u maybe wana start from there

Its good money never running out

Market full. I'm staying healthy and happy

Poppin ballin and stayin fly. We just good

So long as we making money. We all good

As long as its a holiday we party all through

Double edged sword cutting words like a panda

Hustle hard grindi habits for a ninja

One man one versiob for a single lady

Two feet two hands for a double bizz yeah

Hey G you from my gang or from the other side

Finish it bring it on read it on

We gon sign up for the cheque and put the signature

Company big the growth spurred like a rocket

The smell was funny and crazy she was afraid

Her mummy never liked the crazy smell. She would beat her up

She would cry the beating coz the pain never went

Blessings at ny age as many as the sky stars

Network in my android so fast like its 6G, faiba pro

Extraordinary and extra large. Yes we want that

Stability in my ratings strength in my happiness

Yeas we sing strength. Yeah. We do love broad smiles

Its a lifestyle we gon sprout as long as we live

Warrup 17. We took 265 photos yet we aint satisfied yet

Yo... Listen just one more pointilicious shit

I'm young jobu.. I never stay strapped in a hangdown


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